This week, we hear teaching from John and discover how Jesus meets with us.
Does Jesus really follow through with his promises? Join us this week as Paul brings us teaching from Mark’s Gospel.
This week, we hear teaching from 1 Kings and discover how Israel’s downfall in the Old Testament is relevant to our lives today.
What does it mean to be sent out into the world by Jesus? Join us on Vision Sunday as Peter teaches from the book of Matthew.
Join us as our Minister in Training, Davi de Paula preaches on the importance of gathering together as a church family.
What is the biggest problem you’re facing right now? Join us as we hear teaching on how Mark’s Gospel helps us with this question.
Join us for teaching on God’s design for church leadership as we learn about the leadership structure of our own church.
This week, we take a look at Jesus as a preacher and learn why preaching was his priority.
This week, we start a new morning sermon series on the Christian church and learn how the Christian church is fed and sustained.
This week, we begin a new evening sermon series with teaching from the book of Mark.