This week, we continue our sermon series on the book of Mark.
This week, we learn how to best share the Gospel with others.
This week, we conclude our evening sermons series on Psalms of Ascent.
This week, we focus on what it means to minister love and grace.
This week we reflect on Remembrance Sunday and the ultimate sacrifice Jesus made for us.
Join us as Davi bring us teaching from 1 Peter and Psalm 124.
This week, Peter unpacks myths about work and shares how we can 'make good work' with teaching from Colossians.
Join us as we begin a new evening sermons series titled Psalms of Ascent with teaching from Psalm 123.
This week, we begin a new morning sermon series titled Fruitfulness on the Frontline with teaching from Galatians.
Join us this week as Davi brings us teaching from Mark’s Gospel and examines what prevents people from believing in Jesus.
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