Where can we find hope and security in the face of suffering and death? How did David know both frailty and security in the face of death, and how did…
Why is there is so much suffering in the world? Are you suffering right now? Join us this week as Peter offers a message of hope with teaching from the…
Christ: God Saves – Part 2. Join us this week as Bob Akroyd of Edinburgh Theological Seminary defines justification and adoption, teaching us how these terms affect our lives today.
This week, Paul teaches from Micah, revealing how God’s unstoppable love for us can fuel an unstoppable life when we choose to follow Him.
Christ: God Saves – Part 1. Join us this week as Thomas Davis of St. Columba’s Free Church in Edinburgh explores the definition of Christ as mediator and teaches us…
Join us this week for a powerful exhortation about God’s unstoppable love for us.
Covenant: God Intervenes. Join us this week as Robin Gray of Gardenstown New Church enriches our understanding of Biblical covenant.
Join us this week as we consider and reflect upon the Covid-19 pandemic. Is it a wake-up call from God?
Decree: God Rules. Join us this week as we hear teaching on God’s reign and what God's kingship means for us and the world we live in.
Join us this week as we delve into King Solomon’s downfall and hear teaching on the wisdom we can gain from this sobering occurrence in history.
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