Burghead Free Church is a safe place where people from all walks of life can fit in and find opportunities to grow. We believe that by meeting people’s real needs it gives us the opportunity to show them the love of Christ. 

We believe we are called to serve Burghead & its people in a variety of practical ways.



The Blessings Boxes are our local Food Bank System ongoing since 2020, placed at Burghead Free Church. In Partnership with the Community Council, we use a grant to put groceries, fruit and veg and hygiene and cleaning equipment free for local people to take anonymously. Locals can also donate supplies.  We can also make referrals to Moray Food + for those in great need.  We are also involved with the Community Council in providing Community Meals at times of crisis. 

#pictured: the blessing boxes at Burghead Free Church, filled with produce for local people in need


This brings us into weekly contact with around 35 children (5-10 yrs)  who enjoy singing, games, craft and a story. They are also involved with special events such as Harvest Service, Carol Service and our annual Summer Holiday Club. We work closely with the school both through assemblies and by welcoming all the children into church for ‘experience’ mornings to learn about various Christian Festivals. 

#pictured: kids enjoy varied activities led by church volunteers at our after school club


Youth Club brings over 50 youth (aged 11-16) to a range of regular activities and special events. They enjoy games indoors and out, craft, drama, debate, pool, table football, table tennis and a message of the week. We are passionate about helping these young people develop as responsible young citizens.  2 girls and 2 boys represent the group with the result that the youth in the village have a ‘voice’ in meeting with the Community Council.  The Youth are involved in an ongoing ‘Caring for Burghead and its People’ project and organise community events for all ages.  Members increase in confidence, build on cooperative and organisational skills, and thoroughly enjoy contributing to village life.

#pictured: local youth get involved in games, activities and local citizenship


During the winter months we have been operating a weekly open house where people can gather to chat in the warm and enjoy a soup and sweet lunch – in warmer weather this will become a weekly Cuppa and Cake Social Hub. It is a great opportunity for those who feel isolated to meet and bond with new people.

#pictured: members of the community enjoy food served by church volunteers at our social warm up